Dale Strong is running for Congress

Commission Chairman Dale Strong announces campaign for Congress

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Now that Congressman Mo Brooks is running for Senate, some people in north Alabama have their eyes on his congressional seat.

Monday, March 29th, Madison County Commission Chairman Dale Strong threw his hat in the ring.

The announcement shouldn’t come as a huge surprise.

Dale Strong has been a commissioner for almost 25 years, and served as chairman for more than eight years. It’s a position that’s helped other Congressman get to Washington.

During Monday’s announcement, Dale Strong took a play from Senator Tommy Tuberville’s playbook.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I was with Donald Trump from day one, and I will pick up the fight to change our country,” said Strong.

Dale Strong says if he wins the votes to get to Washington, you will be better off. He says rising gas prices are a big concern for many Alabamians.

“The people here in this district are paying a dollar more per gallon every time they fill up their car. That right there touches everyone in this community and this area,” said Strong.

Strong’s jump from county chairman to the capitol would not be unusual.

Congressman Mo Brooks served as the Madison County Commission Chairman before getting elected to Congress, too.

Strong says it’s the work in that position that helped prepare him for work in D.C.

“Everybody knows I am a conservative, what I’ve done here locally, I have a proven record. We’re excited about this opportunity to serve the people in the fifth congressional district and we’re moving forward,” said Strong.

Strong’s wife and two children attended today’s news conference and they say they have his back.

“He’s more than a politician he’s a servant. He cares for this community, he wants to make it better, he wants to help people,” said Dale Strong’s wife Laura Strong.

It is way too early to even speculate on the results of the congressional race more than a year away. But today we found out, if Dale Strong were to win, Governor Kay Ivey would then be in charge of appointing a new commission chairman.

The chairman does not have to be a current member of the commission, but they would have to live within the county boundaries.

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