Florence road crews working on caved-in section on West Alabama Street

Crews hard at work to repair roads in the Shoals area

FLORENCE, Ala. (WAFF) - There’s a been a lot of heavy rain and storms over the last two weeks, and that’s lead to some extra work for road crews around the Tennessee Valley.

Over in the Shoals, Florence road crews are hard at work after multiple rounds of severe weather.

“So many little things like that have gone on because of this weather, it’s kind of got us diverted today,” said David Koonce.

Koonce is referring to a collapsed water pipe Florence street crews were working on Friday afternoon.

Many people in north west Alabama are still cleaning up from storms that hit on March 17. So when more storms rolled in this week, it just added to the mess.

“We had a tree in Hickory Hills a minute ago that they were getting out at one particular crew. We had a water leakage at City Hall that another crew was out on,” said Koonce.

David Koonce with the Florence Street Department said a lot of little things can really add up.

“All this little stuff happens because of this intense weather. When we get these kind of rains, they do cause damage to a lot of stuff, especially with a problem you do not know you have,” said Koonce.

Koonce said the West Alabama Street pipe was washed away by continuous rain.

“When the pipes collapse, the roads kind of cave in or sink in some. So what we’ve had to do is dig that pipe up and determine about going to have to replace that box that the pipe comes in to,” added Koonce.

Florence’s Street Department hopes to have all their work from the storms completed by sometime next week.

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