Colbert County EMA continues to address flooding concerns

Colbert County EMA talks flooding in the area

SHEFFIELD, Ala. (WAFF) - The Colbert County EMA says the retention pond on Oakwood Blvd hasn’t had enough time to recede all the way after last week’s storms, which could cause more flooding.

Jody Hitt with the EMA says it will take at least a week of dry weather for the retention pond to fully recede.

With more severe weather hitting north Alabama, Oakwood Blvd is one area EMA officials are keeping an eye on for potential flooding.

Hitt explained residents in the area should proceed with extreme caution.

“What we say now is you know what happened in the past and now here we are so just keep that in mind and either take your car or vehicle and put it up on a hill or if you want to volunteer, go before the storms and rain comes in,” said Hitt.

If you’re driving, remember: turn around, don’t drown!

Officials are monitoring other problem areas for potential flooding as well.

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