Could a solar farm cause more flooding issues in Cherokee?

A Cherokee family says a nearby solar farm is adding to their flooding issues

CHEROKEE, Ala. (WAFF) - A Cherokee woman is keeping a close eye on the weather. She is concerned that her house could flood again after last week’s torrential storms.

“I’m devastated. I mean my home is completely surrounded by water,” said Tiffany Christopher

Christopher and her son have been unable to return home since last week due to stagnant floodwaters surrounding their home.

“You can’t come home and relax because your home is a completely, you know, a stressful environment its almost more peaceful to be at work right now and that’s sad,” said Christopher.

Her mother Tina Cook usually uses her daughter’s driveway that’s completely underwater to get to her own house. She said that she has lived on this property for more than 50 years and flooding has never been this bad.

“We’ve had flooding, but never this extreme. I can’t even get to my house. I mean, the driveway’s gone. My daughter’s [driveway] underwater, it’s just really a problem,” said Tina Cook.

Christopher believes a solar farm, recently built near her property, is causing flooding issues.

“I’m not giving up,” said Christopher.

Family homes flooded from storms

She said she’s tried contacting the company, Orsted, that owns the solar farm but hasn’t gotten anywhere.

The company spokesperson released a statement today saying they are aware of the concerns raised by certain Muscle Shoals neighbors brought on by the unseasonably heavy rains, which also caused flooding in other parts of the county. The statement also claims they will take appropriate actions to address the situation according to the firm’s independent findings.

But, with more severe weather on the way tomorrow...

“My stomach has been in knots all day just knowing I may not even be able to get access to my home by tomorrow. I mean what little access I have now, I’m afraid is going to be over with tomorrow,” said Christopher.

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