Morgan County Schools say remote learning allows school on severe weather days

Moving virtual during severe weather has become beneficial for schools

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Something that came out of the pandemic that is useful for students is the ability for teachers to teach remotely at the drop of a hat during something like severe weather.

If someone told the Sparkman School Principal Dr. Layne Dillard that her students would be learning from home when she started her career in education, she never would have believed them.

“Most teachers and administrators would see schools with brick and mortar,” Dr. Dillard said. “Now I think we have re-envisioned it with the options and the possibilities with using these devices.”

Students who learn traditionally in Morgan County go to school in person Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Wednesday, they learn remotely.

“It really had our COVID-19 numbers down this year,” Dr. Dillard said. “I think just because we have the opportunity to clean right in the middle of the week.”

The schedule allows for the district to go remote at the drop of a hat if needed, like last week during severe weather.

Summer Clark, who teaches 5th grade at Priceville Junior High School said this takes pressure off the teachers.

“When we do have those weather days, we can fall back on knowing they aren’t just sitting at home not doing anything, we can push that work out to them,” Clark said.

Meanwhile, parent Nikki Sprader said this means her daughter isn’t missing valuable learning.

“This means a more consistent schedule. We haven’t been like, okay we are in person this week, next week we are remote because the cases are rising or falling and we are going back to school. Given a consistent atmosphere.”

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