BamaTracker working to simplify vaccine search

Published: Mar. 24, 2021 at 8:33 AM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - With Phase 1C of vaccine rollout, more than half of the adults in Alabama are now eligible for a shot. This can make finding a COVID-19 vaccine appointment, that isn’t a month away, a difficult task.

David Marconnet, the creator of, is working to simplify the process of finding a COVID-19 vaccine.

Marconnet has taken vaccine provider date provided by ADPH and consolidated it on his website. Under the “Vaccine Providers” tab, you can find a list of every provider in Alabama, it’s phone number and location.

Another list has every town with a CVS location providing the vaccine, if there are doses available and when they last had doses available.

“There are certain cities that stay fully booked 100% of the time, availability pops up and is gone within minutes,” Marconnet said. “There are other cities where availability stays more open for longer periods of time.”

Marconnet said he’s just trying to make the search for a vaccine as easy as possible.

“More or less just sort of a jumping point to make it easy, so that you can find a location near you like a Sam’s Club or a Walmart or a CVS or a small drug store,” he said.

One of the people who Marconnet was able to simplify the search for was Lauren White. White tweeted a thank you to Marconnet after she was able to use BamaTracker to schedule a vaccine appointment for her dad.

In part, White’s tweet said “You are saving lives!”

WAFF was able to talk to White over Zoom. She said her dad became eligible on on Monday as part of phase 1C. During their first search for a vaccine appointment, White said they could only find appointments that were about a month away.

“It can seem daunting and confusing and if you listen to everyone on social media they say, ‘Alabama doesn’t have vaccines and you can’t find an appointment,’ so my dad and I both kind of felt discouraged,” she said.

White said she then saw a BamaTracker tweet about the vaccine page and checked it out. She passed along a few phone numbers of local providers to her dad and he was able to get an appointment for March 23!

“It’s a huge sense of relief, just one step closer to going back to what we love,” White said.

White said she also used BamaTracker to find an earlier vaccine appointment for herself. She was apart of Phase 1B and began her search for a shot in February and scheduled an appointment for a month later in late March.

A few Sundays ago, she looked on BamaTracker and was able to schedule an appointment for the next day, getting her shot more than a week before she would have with her first appointment.

White said her and her dad are excited to getting back to doing what they love.

“My dad has not eaten inside of a restaurant for over a year now and that’s what we love to do,” White said. “We love to meet up and go to lunch.”

White said she’s hoping others will step up to help older family and friends find vaccine appointments.

“I would just encourage tech savvy people to help out your older loved ones and friends,” she said. “Use that tool to help those people who don’t have access  to the internet, they don’t have a smartphone, they don;t have a computer. Help them out, help get them an appointment.”

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