Teachers in Harvest bring March Madness to the classroom

Teachers at Creekside Elementary School use March Madness lessons

HARVEST, Ala. (WAFF) - With March Madness in full swing, teachers at one Limestone County elementary school are using basketball as a way to engage students.

Second graders at Creekside Primary School are reading “Salt in His Shoes,” a book about the basketball legend, Michael Jordan.

On Monday, students lined the walls like they were courtside seats as the school’s Principal and Assistant Principal took to the “court” they created in the school hallway.

“Well, our teachers have been working hard, and not just this weekend but all school year,” said Principal Scott. “We want to provide fun activities for the kids, and what better way than through March Madness?”

Other faculty and staff at Creekside mentioned engagement with the students has been much higher recently, and activities like this only promote that engagement even more.

Staying engaged and focused during this pandemic is difficult for everyone, but especially for students.

“We want to provide a fun and exciting environment for our kids and an exciting way to learn,” Principal Scott added.

The school leaders were seen running down the makeshift court shooting hoops in their best basketball jerseys and sweatbands. Students were chanting and cheering on their principals as the game heated up.

And as for the final score between the two opponents, never underestimate playing ball like a girl.

“Well, my Assistant Principal Ms. Adams was a tough opponent, and I’m just going to say she probably won.”

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