Decatur City Council passes tethering ordinance in response to animal abuse backlash

The tethering ordinance makes it illegal to restrain a dog for less than 15 feet

New animal tethering ordinance passes in Decatur

DECATUR, Ala. (WAFF) - The Decatur City Council unanimously passed a dog tethering ordinance.

This ordinance restricts animals from being under effective restraint.

The ordinance was supposed to be brought up at an April meeting but because of the public backlash, it was moved to March 22.

This all stems from a social media post that went viral of dogs in Decatur tied up and covered in mud. There was even a photo of a dead dog that was allegedly lying on the property for days.

Our newsroom received dozens of calls and emails from people outraged over the dogs conditions.

Decatur mayor Tab Bowling says he got calls from all over the country and even Canada about the viral post.

The tethering ordinance makes it illegal to restrain a dog for less than 15 feet. It also puts in rules regarding proper shelter, food, and hydration for an animal.

Numerous upset citizens gathered previously to protest the animal abuse. The special meeting had so many people show up, not everyone could fit in the meeting room.

“I’m real upset about this myself. I have been trying for four years to get this passed. And now as a result of it not having been passed, Decatur Alabama made the map in a bad bad bad way last week,” said one concerned citizen at the meeting.

This ordinance will go into effect starting June 1. Decatur residents will face a minimum penalty of $100 if they do not follow the guidelines.

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