A Sheffield neighborhood is still flooded after Wednesday’s storm

Sheffield neighborhood still flooded after Wednesday's storms

SHEFFIELD, Ala. (WAFF) - The water is slowly receding, but a Sheffield neighborhood is still flooded after yesterday’s storm.

Joan Staggs said that she’s lived on Oakwood Boulevard for 25 years and she’s only seen flooding this bad once in 2019, and last night.

She said she recently replaced her hot water heater in her basement from the 2019 floods and now she has to replace it again.

Staggs said something needs to be done to stop the retention pond from overflowing.

“They just need to care about their people living here a little bit more than they do. It costs a lot of money to go through what we go through sometimes when these floods come and all of us don’t have that extra money to take care of all of this. No flood insurance,” said Staggs.

The Colbert County EMA said there was at least five feet of water from this flood.

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