Health care industry stronger now than ever before

Healthcare industry stronger than ever before

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) -Healthcare worker’s lives have been turned upside down this past year, and COVID-19 has forced the industry to learn as they go. Now, many health care leaders say it’s making the profession stronger.

North Alabama Medical Center CEO Russell Pigg said health care has been humbled a bit, adding that COVID has reminded everyone that God is in charge.

“He kind of showed us who’s boss,” Pigg said.

When the first case of COVID hit Hellen Keller hospital many assumed the pandemic would take maybe 3 months to handle.

But now, they’ve accepted that it was just the beginning of a new normal.

“We assumed at that moment that we were in for a 90-day process,” says Helen Keller Hospital President Kyle Buchanan.

“Little did we know a year from now we will mark that as really the beginning of a new era in health care.”

He said personal protection equipment has really proven its worth.

“PPE absolutely works,” says Buchanan.

“There is no denying what we’ve experienced in our facility and any hospital across the country.”

Buchanan says the staff has become better able to handle the most serious cases safely. He said there have been over 400-thousand staff interactions with COVID patients and only 6 cases of confirmed transmission from patient to worker.

Pigg stressed that hospitals remain a safe place, even throughout the pandemic. He doesn’t want anyone to avoid much-needed care out of fear of COVID-19.

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