ASCTE recruitment efforts underway

Applications are open to rising 9th and 10th graders across the state.
Published: Mar. 19, 2021 at 9:42 AM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Recruitment efforts at the Alabama School of Cyber Tech and Engineering (ASCTE) are well underway! So far this year, about 230 students have applied to ASCTE but only about 85 will be accepted.

“We are a state school and it has been really critical for our outreach process to touch every corner of the state,” said Aaron Brazelton, ASCTE enrollment manager.

Applications are open to rising 9th and 10th graders across the state. They are being reviewed on a rolling basis until May. Students will answer a list of questions, provide transcripts and two recommendations.

“It is competitive so we are very thankful for the interest we are receiving across the state,” Brazelton said. “It reaffirms our commitment and what we are hoping to do here in the admissions department.”

Brazelton says the admissions department believes in a holistic review process. In addition to academic achievement, his teams looks for students who have leadership skills, grit, resilience and curiosity.

“We want a student who wants to contribute to our overall community, that wants to be with us on this journey, that wants to help us as we grow and who would benefit from this opportunity,” Brazelton said.

Brazelton also notes that his team has been intentional in their recruitment efforts, working to diversify enrollment.

“We are really proud of the fact that our current enrollment of female students exceeds the industry standard -- so the percentage of women who are working in the stem fields. But that’s not good enough for us,” Brazelton said. “We ultimately hope that we have a 50-50 breakdown of male and female students.”

To meet this goal, ASCTE admissions has been working with organizations such as the Huntsville Housing Authority, Boys and Girls Club and Girls Inc.

Overall, Brazelton says he’s excited for the school’s potential and impact in our growing city.

“I just got back from Geneva County down in South Alabama where I went to four or five different schools and met with 8th graders. So the word is getting out there, folks are turning their eye to Huntsville, we even had a few families who have made the decision to move to Huntsville for the school. And so we are full steam ahead here in admissions,” Brazelton said.

Brazelton and his team believe ASCTE could become a national model for school. He says it’s a space where academia, industry, corporations, nonprofits and governmental agencies all have a seat at the table.

“They work in concert with our administration to produce a pipeline of students that can go either to higher ed or can go directly into the workforce,” Brazelton said. “It’s a high level of collaboration and it’s really awesome to see all of these folks who have stakes in our school supporting the development of our students.”

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