Families flock to storm shelter in Morgan County

Families flock to storm shelter in Morgan County

DECATUR, Ala. (WAFF) - Because of Wednesday’s tornado watches, storm shelters around the Tennessee Valley were open.

That includes three shelters in Decatur, at the two high schools and at city hall.

There were more than a dozen people inside, ready to head down to the basement as soon as a warning is issued.

Janice Sapp and her grandkids took shelter. The grandkids coloring Wednesday night to keep busy.

Sapp says her family is too big to safely take shelter in a bathroom or closest at their homes. She says she knows coming to the shelter is the smart choice.

“I don’t like severe weather. I’m terrified of it. I wish more people in Decatur would take shelter. I wish they’d take the weather more seriously,” said Sapp. “Thank you for the weather people helping us know when there’s a bad storm or something moving it.”

Remember you can’t bring personal pets down to the shelter with you. If you have a service animal you can bring it here to city hall.

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