Franklin County preparing for severe weather while still cleaning up from winter storm

Winter storm clean-up continues in Franklin County

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ala. (WAFF) - While people are preparing for tomorrow’s severe weather, it’s actually last month’s storms that are still causing problems for people in Franklin County.

The Franklin County Highway Department is still working to clear debris from the winter storm that happened in February, but they’re also on standby for potential severe weather threats tomorrow.

“Its a work and then wait game. You get ready and then you just wait,” said Franklin County EMA Director Mary Glass.

Glass said that all hands are on deck for potential severe weather.

“We will notify all volunteer and paid fire departments to open all of their shelters tomorrow. They will be open before the storms hit that way nobody has to be out in the unless it’s just a have to situation. Anybody that we have is on standby. The deputies will be called out if we have to have more deputies,” said Glass.

Crews are still cleaning up from the winter storm last month, and Glass says a big reason for that is money.

“With our county not having a lot of money, we couldn’t hire people to come do it, so that’s the why our Highway Department, our County Engineer, David Palmer, has his people out doing it when they’re not doing other stuff,” said Glass.

But Glass also said they are ready for tomorrow.

“Franklin County will come together after anything or during an event. That’s just us. That’s what we do,” said Glass.

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