University of North Alabama celebrates homecoming this spring

UNA holds spring homecoming

FLORENCE, Ala. (WAFF) - It’s homecoming week at UNA!

COVID-19 forced UNA to cancel fall homecoming. So, University leaders had to think outside the box to celebrate alumni.

“It’s not going to be the homecoming that we’re all accustomed to, however we were like how can we make the most out of this,” said Alumni Relations Director, Bishop Alexander.

Homecoming celebrations started this week at U-N-A and will continue through the weekend.

University Leaders said they’ve had to come up some new activities since homecoming is usually centered on Fall Football.

“It kind of gives them hope for the future, like things will get better but kind of giving them something to do in the midst of it all, while still staying in our guidelines of safety,” said Alexander.

To make sure events are safe, they’re being held outdoors.

" Also on Monday they began doing homecoming skits which have been taking place intermittently throughout the week at the Amphitheatre, which is also another outdoor opportunity, and then bishop also referenced the pomping displays which is totally new traditional that has begun this year,” said Michelle Eubanks.

Some of these new activities could become new traditions.

“We would love to somehow implement that into fall homecoming. Maybe a fall homecoming month, you never know, just to see because I really love the outdoor activities, plus it gets the people outside,” said Alexander.

Most importantly, this is a way for UNA to come together.

“With spring homecoming it also shows our campus what we can do in spite of the pandemic,” said Bishop.

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