Discussing the future of Colbert County’s recycling program

Recycling program hearing in Colbert County

COLBERT COUNTY, Ala. (WAFF) - The funding for Colbert County’s current recycling program is running out. Now, it’s decision time.

On March 11, a public hearing was held at the Colbert County courthouse about the county’s recycling options and costs.

“By June I think we’re close to running out of money to operate so that’s one of the reasons we’re wanting to accelerate this,” said Shoals Solid Waste Authority Chairman Tommy Barnes.

The Colbert County recycling program was funded by revenue from the county landfill, which closed in July. Now, the program can either continue as-is, expand, or be stopped altogether. Current funding will be exhausted this summer, but investing in the program means raising costs to utility bills.

Chelsea Kauchick said she wants to see the system expanded to include curbside recycling .

“I’ve seen so many recyclable materials that people are just dumping in their trash right now, particularly in my neighborhood and it’ll be such an easy thing for them to slip it in the blue bin and keep it from going into out landfill,” said Kauchick.

And she’s willing to pay the extra monthly to help the environment.

“For $6 to save our environment, to keep our landfill going longer than the 10 years it took to fill up the last one, it’s well worth the $6 a month,” said Kauchick.

A committee of the Shoals Solid Waste Authority will make a decision in the next 30 to 45 days.

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