Huntsville businesses find success opening their doors during pandemic

Growth and development coming to south Huntsville

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - It’s no secret a lot of businesses have suffered during the pandemic. In south Huntsville though, there’s a lot of growth.

More than $90 million of private investments have been made since the beginning of this pandemic in the South Huntsville area alone.

Hayes Farm construction is going as planned and more than 85 percent of the space has already been leased.

About one dozen businesses have also opened their doors during the pandemic.

Bubby’s Diner located close to South Memorial Parkway opened its doors just four weeks ago. A lot of the tables are already full.

The owner says good business is all about location, and this is the perfect fit.

“Just the location between the Parkway and Whitesburg Drive, we thought would be a great place to open up a restaurant,” said Chris Belcher.

Julia Teague is a seamstress and she also opened a business during the pandemic. She said doesn’t regret her decision.

“It’s a great area to be in. I’ve even had a couple customers that are new to town and they brought in alterations and they’re looking for a space to open up their business,” said Teague.

The Executive Director of the South Huntsville Main Business Association says about a dozen business owners have opened up their doors since the pandemic.

Others have taken the time to make improvements to their façade thanks to grants to attract customers.

Business owners are looking to develop and improve areas up and down South Memorial Parkway and in South Huntsville.

“We have great restaurants and strong retailers coming to the area like Tom Brown’s. We’ve got small businesses like Bubby’s Diner. It’s a great time to go into business in South Huntsville,” said Bekah Schmidt, Executive Director of the South Huntsville Main Business Association.

Schmidt says a lot of business owners are paying close attention to lawmakers in Washington D.C.

If the stimulus package passes in the House, the growth of South Huntsville will do anything but slow down.

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