Hazel Green Pharmacy recognized for leadership in healthcare

Hazel Green Pharmacy recognized for leadership in healthcare
Hazel Green Pharmacy on Highway 231 (Source: WAFF)

HAZEL GREEN, Ala. (WAFF) - It was one of the first facilities in north Alabama to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine, now the Hazel Green Pharmacy is being recognized as a leading facility in healthcare.

Staff of Hazel Green Pharmacy
Staff of Hazel Green Pharmacy (Source: WAFF)

The pharmacy is the winner of a national promotion sponsored by Pharmacy Development Services.

The pharmacy on Highway 231 was recognized for the success behind its new healthcare solutions and services all while adapting in the midst of the pandemic.

“Hazel Green Pharmacy has proven themselves an industry benchmark in how they have evolved their business and adapted, particularly amidst the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Erin Hmielewski, Director of Marketing of Pharmacy Development Services. “We have partnered with hundreds if not thousands of independent pharmacies over the years and so many have done incredible work in their communities, but Mike and his team have gone well beyond short-term survival. They have rebuilt their operations for long-term resilience and growth.”

When COVID forced many pharmacies to reduce in-store abilities and customer interaction, they were quick to put a new game plan into action.

Owner and manager of Hazel Green Pharmacy Mike Powers used this environment to educate himself on important lifestyle changes including his diet and exercise which resulted in a 30-ound weight loss.

Inspired by his success, employees began promoting healthy lifestyles through social media, patient outreach, educational seminars and more. Employees say these changes also motivated them to become more intentional with their customers.

“As professional pharmacists, we have changed our own mindsets and demonstrated to our customers how health and wellness can make a difference in our own lives and that we are not beholden to COVID and its impact,” added Powers, whose pharmacy serves approximately 5,000 customers.

The pharmacy has spent the past three years building out its supplement program, but it also uncovered better ways to maximize workflow, improve patient care and grow the pharmacy’s business.

Additionally, the store added a new consultation room, which the pharmacy coins as “the room of H.O.P.E” (Helping Our Patients Everyday) to meet safely with customers and generate product content to showcase the attributes and benefits of the supplements.

This year, Hazel Green also provided more flu vaccines than any other previous year since opening their doors and has administered hundreds of COVID vaccines.

As the grand prize winner of the PDS Legacy Challenge, Hazel Green received an all-expense paid, two-day pharmacy team retreat. They will participate in an exclusive Advanced Leadership Program and celebrate their team success.

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