What the extended mask mandate means for Decatur

The city has it’s own local mask ordinance

The city of Deactur follows its own mask mandate

DECATUR, Ala. (WAFF) - Alabama’s Statewide mask mandate ends after April 9th.

The city of Decatur actually has a local mask ordinance of its own. So come April 9, that ordinance will remain in place for the city unless something changes.

Decatur City Council President Jacob Ladner says the City Council will reexamine the city’s mask ordinance.

Ladner says he wants that to happen before April 9th when the state mandate ends and wants to follow state guidance.

“It looks like we’re coming out of this pandemic and even more than lifting a mask ordinance what I really hope on April 9 is that everything is opened up and businesses are able to operate and make revenue like they could before and we can get closer back to normal. I hope people will take their vaccines when they’re eligible just to help us get back to a more normal spring and summer,” Ladner said.

Decatur Mayor Tab Bowling said in a statement that he believes the extension of the state mask mandate was warranted.

Bowling also says he knows it’s a controversial topic and his office received a lot of feedback about the city’s own ordinance.

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