Preliminary hearing updates for Decatur man accused of torturing, killing an 8-month-old

22-year-old Cameron Elliott is facing capital murder, sexual torture, and possession of drugs charges

22-year-old Cameron Elliot is facing multiple charges in connection to a child's death

DECATUR, Ala. (WAFF) - On March 5, a 22-year-old Decatur man accused of sexually assaulting and murdering an 8-month old baby appeared in court.

On Feb. 9, Decatur Police responded to a call over an unresponsive eight month old. That baby died from injuries caused by physical and sexual abuse just days later and Cameron Elliott now faces capital murder and other charges.

Tim Pace, the lead investigator for Decatur Police testified. He talked about the 8-month-old victim’s injuries and his interactions with the suspect.

Pace was asked to share a written statement provided by Elliott to detectives.

In the statement, Elliott tried to pass off blame for the victim’s injuries to the 8-month old’s mother. Investigators were clear that evidence indicates Elliott is responsible and not the baby’s mother.

Morgan County District Attorney Scott Anderson says he’ll take case information to the grand jury next.

“If we are successful in obtaining an indictment, which I feel certain we will be then the case will move through the circuit court system through arraignment motion and then trial,” Anderson said.

Anderson called the case disturbing, especially because the victim was only 8-months old.

“I’ve got a little girl of my own and it just hits close to home. It just increases the tragedy all the more when it’s a child,” Anderson said.

Elliott is facing capital murder, sexual torture, and possession of drugs charges.

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