Fort Payne City Schools to go virtual on Friday for staff members to get first vaccine dose

Teachers in Fort Payne will soon all be vaccinated

FORT PAYNE, Ala. (WAFF) -On Friday, students will be on a virtual, e-learning schedule tomorrow so faculty members can come to the DeKalb County Health Department to get their first vaccine dose.

225 staff members will be getting vaccinated!

The DeKalb County Emergency Management Agency set up the vaccine clinic at the health department for Fort Payne City Schools staff members.

WAFF 48 talked to Superintendent Jim Cunningham and he said he is excited for his staff to get the vaccine.

“We’ve been trying to setup this opportunity since January. We feel very fortunate to get this done, its very important my staff have been very dedicated to the education of our students and they have not missed a day and they have been face to face since day one,” said Cunningham.

Cunningham said staff will come back in 28 days to get the second dose.

There will also be a virtual learning day then as well.

Students will have assigned work to complete just like a normal virtual learning day.

More information about that can be found on your school’s webpage.

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