Alabama State Nurses Association conduct survey with nurses about COVID-19 experience

Alabama State Nurses Association share their personal pandemic experiences

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Recently, the Alabama State Nurses Association conducted a survey with thousands of nurses to share their COVID experiences.

The Coronavirus pandemic has impacted may people nationwide, including nurses working on the frontlines.

In a survey conducted by the Alabama State Nurses Association in January, 2,600 nurses expressed their clinical and personal experiences during the pandemic.

“Nurses are burnt out, they are exhausted and that’s one major problem we are seeing in the survey. Nurses they’re over worked. We’ve experienced many times that they have been overlooked by our legislation and our government,” said Dr. Lindsey Harris.

Dr. Lindsay Harris is the President of the Alabama State Nurses Association.

She said nurses in the survey also claimed they didn’t receive any Cares Act funding to help with the lack of PPE and the mental health of nurses.

“It was 1.8 trillion dollars that was received and hospital association may have gotten 50 million and the Nurses Association didn’t receive any and this funding was to help with nurses,” Harris added.

Dr. Harris said nurses were laid off during the beginning of the pandemic and could have used the funding for assistance.

Dr. John Ziegler, Executive Director of the Alabama State Nurses Association said they received 400 pages of comments and concerns from nurses across the state.

He said with the responses from the survey, it is their goal to get the information out to the public and state legislators.

“We’re trying to raise awareness of what we’ve learned for better treatment for our patients, but also for those who treat us during the toughest times of our lives,” said Dr. Ziegler.

For more information in the survey you can click here.

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