Rogersville has new temporary cell phone tower after community bands together for better internet service

Rogersville has a new temporary cell phone tower

ROGERSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Rogersville is now home to a new temporary cell phone tower.

It will help speed up internet for folks who live one to three miles from the downtown area.

“This is the beginning and hopefully the beginning of the end of our problem,” said Mayor Richard Herston.

AT&T’s spokesperson said this is called “cells on wheels” or cow for short. The mayor said although this is temporary it’s a step in the right direction.

“I know there’s always going to be upgrades and all, but we just need to get to where everyone else is in the real world right now, in many areas,” said Herston.

He said he doesn’t know what motivated AT&T to put up the temporary tower but he credits the community Facebook group and their efforts.

“I want to thank them. I think they had a whole lot to do with this. It just goes to show you that the more voices are heard, sometimes is what it takes,” said Herston.

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