Should Alabama’s Safer-at-Home Order be extended?

Should Alabama's Stay-at-Home Order be extended?

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) -Governor Kay Ivey’s “Safer at Home” order is due to expire in a few days, and many people are debating if it should be extended.

Dr. Karen Landers with ADPH says that while we do have a decline in overall cases in the state of Alabama, the number they’re focusing on is the percentage of positive tests.

The target is around 5 percent. Landers says we have around 8.5 percent positive statewide, and some counties are higher than that.

There are also concerns about the British variant going around, already responsible for more than 30 cases in the state. this strain is even more transmissible.

Landers says that ramping up covid efforts is helping a lot. Over 900,000 Alabamians have been vaccinated, but there are still many who have not gotten the vaccine.

“There is still a large group of the population that is not vaccinated, and not immune to COVID-19,” says Landers.

“We absolutely need to continue our social distancing, our respiratory hygiene, and the use of correct and consistently worn properly fitted masks.”

Of course, the final say on whether or not we continue with masks and other mitigation policies belongs to Governor Ivey.

It is unknown when that decision will come, but an update is expected soon.

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