A few North Alabama clinics have COVID-19 first dose appointments available

Health departments to issue first doses

COLBERT COUNTY, Ala. (WAFF) - People can now make appointments at a few health departments across North Alabama for their first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine if they are eligible.

If you live in or are willing to drive to Lawrence, Morgan, or Colbert Counties, you can make an appointment at any of those locations.

Dr. Karen Landers with the Alabama Department of Public health said a few county health departments will once again begin administering first doses of covid-19 vaccines.

“We have a rolling system. So some of our health departments have already been able to open up to appointments but we still have others that have not been able to open up. For example, Colbert County has been able to open up for appointments for first dose, but Lauderdale is not ready to open up yet because we don’t have the vaccine available,” said Landers.

Landers said supply is still the problem.

“It’s based upon the metrics of the persons who are in the eligible groups. So it would naturally follow that some of our counties, even if they are only slightly larger would still have a slightly higher demand,” said Landers.

Landers said last week’s winter storm caused delays for 10 thousand doses but those were delivered this week.

She also said she’s hopeful that more health departments will have more first doses soon

“We do expect to open up more of our counties the first part of next week, if at all possible for appointments,” said Landers.

She also urged people wanting to get the vaccine to look at other providers who are offering it as well. You can find a list of them on their website, which is also where you can sign up for these first-dose appointments.

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