Alabaster teen surprised by friends after brain trauma hospitalizes him for months

Alabaster teen returns home after 3 month hospital stay

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - One Thompson High senior is finally back home after months at Children’s Hospital where he fought to survive a brain hemorrhage.

His family thought he had a stroke on Thanksgiving, and he was rushed to the hospital. They had no idea that he wouldn’t come home for three months.

Michael Button’s friends and family had waited for today, for months. They lined the street of his house, on both sides of the road, waiting for his arrival, back from the hospital.

“I love him to death,” said Jack Lightsey, his friend since sixth grade.

Jack even visited Michael’s mom since COVID restrictions prevented regular hospital visits at Children’s.

“To know that... not even your friend, your brother is in there, and you can’t do anything about it,” Lightsey said, reflecting on the months his friend was hospitalized.

Michael’s mom felt powerless too.

“He essentially had those veins in his brain, rupture, and caused intracranial hemorrhage,” said Honie Jo Hendrix.

To help him required drastic measures.

“A portion of his skull was completely removed from his head, and over time we developed many many complications,” his mother said.

92 days later, his friends and family had one mission.

“To make him feel as loved as we can,” said Lightsey.

Escorted by Alabaster Police, Michael, arrived home to that love. And one by one, his loved ones got to tell him how much they missed him.

“These kids are amazing, they are absolutely amazing,” said Hendrix, of her son’s friends, and also their parents.

And seeing Michael’s smile... was amazing too.

Michael has intensive physical therapy and at least three years of treatment ahead of him.

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