Shoals man home after winning 65 day battle with COVID-19

Patient released after spending weeks in hospital

MUSCLE SHOALS, Ala. (WAFF) - A day that’s been long awaited.

“65 days today and we are going home. We’ve been at Helen Keller. We went down to Birmingham to the LTAX center, and we ended up here at the rehab center and now we’re going home” said Jodie Bohannon.

Bohannon has been by her husband Dennis’ side every step of the way as he battled and beat COVID-19.

“I never gave up hope,” said Bohannon.

He tested positive on December 21, was hospitalized on January 1, and things went downhill from there.

“Within 48 hours they had to intubate him. He wasn’t able to breath on his own and during that time frame it was just up and down. They would just keep saying, you know, it’s COVID. We’d have good hours and bad hours. We’d have good days and bad days,” said Bohannon.

But today was the best day she said.

“We’re just so blessed and so excited that we managed to get to this point that he can come home. That in itself is just so overwhelming,” said Bohannon.

She said he still has a long journey ahead of him but with faith and with family he’ll:

“Get his strength and endurance back,” said Bohannon.

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