Road crews in Florence patch up potholes after winter weather

Crews work to repair damage caused by storm

FLORENCE, Ala. (WAFF) - You may think last week’s winter weather is long gone, but its impact will take a toll on the roads.

Potholes are already forming on roads in parts of Northwest Alabama. During the past week street crews have worked over time to clear roadways during the winter storm.

Now, David Koonce with the Florence Street Departments said they’re fixing the lasting effects … potholes.

“When the weather gets as cold as it does and it freezes and thaws, freezes and thaws we have potholes spring up everywhere,” said Koonce.

Potholes can increase after winter storms.

“Water when it freezes it expands, it gets in the cracks of the pavement, that expands. People run over it causing it to crack and a pothole forms,” said Koonce.

Seth Burkett with the Alabama Department of Transportation said that crews like the Florence street department will be busy repairing roads in the next following weeks because of the winter storm.

“We see it every year around this time and in the early spring time just due to the conditions that you typically see around this time of year and certainly when we have when we have extreme weather events like we had this past week, those can contribute to the formation of new potholes or exacerbate any existing potholes that were already forming,” said Burkett.

Potholes can cause big problems on the roads, including damage to your vehicle.

The city of Florence has money budgeted to make repairs on the roads.

“We buy a mix a couple of times of year depending on need and so we’re budgeted for this kind of stuff. We expect it,” said Koonce.

Koonce said that you should alert the street department about potholes when you see them.

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