Madison Police Citizens Advisory Committee in the works

Madison Police citizens advisory committee

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - The City of Madison is in the process of forming a police advisory committee and they may need you.

City leaders said this committee will not only help police, but also the community. Requirements for the Madison Police Citizens Advisory Committee boil down to being a Madison resident of voting age and passing a background check, but one requirement you don’t have to have is being a devoted supporter of law enforcement.

Acting Police Chief John Stringer said they want people without a background in police or military too.

“For me I would prefer to have someone who doesn’t have that kind of background. Who doesn’t say I am going to support the police department no matter what because we can always do something better,” Acting Police Chief Stringer said.

The committee that will be made up of nine people with each council member, the mayor, and the police chief getting a nomination. Acting Police Chief Stringer said this will give the public a better understanding of what they do everyday while also ensuring there’s an open dialogue with the public.

“It will help them to understand what our limitations are. There are certain things that the community wishes we should do but by law we can’t,” he said.

The committee will be able to recommend programs or policies to improve the Madison Police Department while also briefing the chief, city council, and mayor on police actions that create concern or controversy.

“It will give us that opportunity to be able to reach out to a whole new group of citizens that for whatever reason didn’t feel comfortable talking to a police officer,” he said. “Now they do have that middleman and they have someone from the committee that they can reach out to.”

Samantha Magunson with the city said they are currently accepting applications.

“We really want the city of Madison to be represented in all of its colors, all of its creeds from the west side to the east side,” she said.

Each member of the committee will go through extensive training and must be ready to serve either two or four years. The timeline for when this committee will begin that training is set for around May.

Now it’s important to note this is similar to Huntsville Police Citizens Advisory Council.

Applications are now open; click here to apply.

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