Elkmont barbershop offers free cuts, shave to linemen and first responders

Updated: Feb. 23, 2021 at 8:06 PM CST
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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - “Thank you.” One valley stylist is giving back to those who gave their all during last week’s winter storm.

Marie Smith is offering a special through March 6th for those who respond to emergency calls and help keep the lights on.

“You don’t realize how many first responders there really are. Oh I’m sure. There’s a bunch.”

Marie Smith is the owner of Hill Top Barber Shop in Downtown Elkmont. Cutting hair is her craft. Taking care of customers is her passion.

“It’s going on for the next two weeks.”

Marie is talking about her way to give back to those who spent countless hours working to keep people safe during last week’s winter storm.

“I live in a rural area in Elkmont. We lost power for 3 days. They worked long hard hours to try and restore power in the area and I wanted to give back,” said Marie Smith, owner of Hill Top Barbershop. “I am offering free haircuts and shaves to all linemen, first responders that worked out in the winter storm this past week. I’d like Huntsville and Scottsboro to know they are welcome and I’d like to serve them too.”

Joshua Carter is a Lieutenant and firefighter with Elkmont Fire and Rescue. He stopped by Hilltop Barber shop for a chat - and a shave.

“Probably the biggest thank you she could do without saying thank you,” said Elkmont Fire and Rescue Lt. Joshua Carter.

These volunteers and full-time responders have had their work cut out for them - navigating a pandemic and working around the clock during a snow and ice storm. The work isn’t easy - but it’s what they live for.

“It’s a group of people who keep America running and keep the world turning because there’s not a lot of people who want to get out in the freezing snow or the heat and deal with burning buildings, electrical hazards, put poles back up,” said Carter.

“They go unnoticed a lot of the times because they are the true heroes in our area. They have a very important job,” said Smith.

Linemen and first responders can stop by Hilltop Barbershop in Elkmont through March 6th for free haircuts and shaves during regular business hours.

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