Clean-up underway after roof collapses at Muscle Shoals marina

Business owner works to repair after marina collapse

MUSCLE SHOALS, Ala. (WAFF) - A chunk of a business and more than a dozen boats were damaged in Colbert County during last week’s winter storm.

The weight of the snow caused a roof over a dock at Steenson Hollow Marina to collapse.

“I was standing right beside it when it happened, so pretty shocked,” said Owner, Keith Mullen.

Mullen said he had no idea the roof would buckle in the storm.

“I thought we were in the clear because it had lasted overnight and a couple of days with all of the weight of the ice on top of it and I thought if it was going to go it would have done it at night but it decided to go in the middle of the day,” said Mullen.

13 boats docked at the marina were impacted when the roof collapsed.

Mullen said none of the boats sank and that they are all ready to pick up the pieces together.

“This marina has been here for 35 years and some of the boat owners have been here for 30 plus years so it’s kind of like a second home to them. So they’re sad to see it happen but hopefully we’ll bounce back and get things newer and better,” said Mullen.

Crews were out removing boats from the water. There are only five left to move.

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