$300,000 Dug Hill Road construction project

Road project delays

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Attention drivers in Madison County. A dangerous road in your area will soon see some safety upgrades.

$300,000 will be spent to improve Dug Hill Road. There’s currently no shoulder and there’s also no guard rails.

It’s a popular road, but it’s also a very dangerous road.

“We will restripe the area and put reflectors in the area and try to help with visibility because majority of the crashes that occur there, are where drivers have left the elevated surfaces of the road. We want to address that problem,” said Madison County Commissioner Craig Hill.

Sherrie Landis has lived on Dug Hill Road since 1983. She says she almost died on Dug Hill Road when a driver slammed into her.

“He lost control going around one of these curves. He came down sideways, I got off the road into the ditch and he hit the culvert that I was sitting on, and flipped over, on top of me and almost killed me. I had over 30 breaks in my hips and they said I would never walk again,” said Landis.

It’s a miracle she survived, and today she says it’s a miracle city and county leaders will soon address this road.

Construction from Raintree to King Drake on Dug Hill Road will begin soon.

Sherrie and a lot of other people who drive on Dug Hill Road say improvements are long overdue.

“It is a dangerous road I’ve had other friends who are in accidents too,” said Landis.

City and county leaders say Dug Hill Road has several problematic areas. This first project will address just one of those areas, but plans are being made to address several more.

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