Students will use virtual days to make up for lost time

Students back to the classroom following winter weather

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) -Students in the Shoals missed school all last week due to winter weather. Franklin, Lauderdale, and Colbert county students are missing today as well.

Governor Kay Ivey’s call for a state of emergency means the missed school days due to the ice storm don’t have to be made up. However, the off days still threw things off for teachers.

A school board meeting taking place Monday night will address difficulties that have come up during this time.

Our partner at the Times Daily spoke with several school superintendents.

Muscle Shoals Superintendent Chad Holden says they only had one true snow day last week. Other days enrichment opportunities were provided to keep students engaged. As for learning gaps created in the past week, Holden said they’re going to address that with after-school tutors for students who are struggling.

Colbert Schools Superintendent Chris Hand says teachers will just have to pick up where they left off. They need to assess how much the week offset everyone back, then play catch up.

Lauderdale Superintendent Jerry Hill says he doesn’t view the week out for weather as all bad. He says students and staff have overcome so much the past year that they needed some time to go play in the snow.

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