Lauderdale County road crews work on clearing the snowy, icy roads

Cleaning up winter storm roads in Lauderdale County

LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Ala. (WAFF) - County and city road workers in the Shoals have spent countless hours sanding and salting roads over the last week.

While ice and snow is melting off some roads - others still have inches of snow on them.

One Lauderdale County man is frustrated that snow and ice still blanket his road.

He said he and his neighbors live on County Road 144 and they feel like they have been forgotten about.

Lauderdale County Commissioner, Danny Pettus, said commissioners are responsible for maintaining almost 1,300 miles of paved roads in Lauderdale County.

He said that road crews grade the roads that are most traveled first, and work their way down.

Commissioner Pettus said the road he lives on is still blanketed in snow and ice too.

“They are grading putting in overtime, but there’s no way that you can grade over 12,093 in three days. It snows then it stops and everyone wants the road clear the same day or the next and it’s not feasible. It’s impossible,” said Pettus.

He said his road crews as well as many other crews across the Shoals have been working overtime to make as many roads safe as possible.

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