Treacherous roads in Tennessee Thursday

Updated: Feb. 18, 2021 at 5:15 PM CST
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TENNESSEE (WAFF) - There’s a fury of snow flurries in our Tennessee counties.

County officials in Lawrence and Lincoln counties are reporting almost five inches of snow. Crews across Tennessee spent the day clearing roadways before the slush turns into ice.

Lincoln County EMA Director Doug Campbell is asking everyone to stay off the roads until crews give it the all clear.

Campbell said crews are worried once the temperature drops, both the main and back roads will be covered in black ice.

“Tonight, our biggest fear is going to be treacherous driving,” EMA Director Doug Campbell. “Whatever moisture is left on the road is going to freeze. That will be a major problem in the morning when people get out and start to work. The tire tracks where they driven through the snow, then you’ll have black ice underneath that, and the center line where there is still snow is going to be frozen. That will turn a car in a heartbeat if they bump it.”

Crews said they are doing the best they can and are moving as quickly as possible.

This afternoon, Fayetteville Public Utilities reported more than 200 without power. A spokesperson said the team is working as fast as they can to restore power.

On Wednesday, a Lawrence County ambulance got stuck in the snow while responding to a call.

Residents said they are seeing roughly four inches of snow on top of the remaining ice accumulated from earlier this week.

If you need road assistance, contact your County Roads Department.

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