First Responders: The ones making sure you can get to work during a winter storm

First responders band together in the Shoals for winter weather

THE SHOALS, Ala. (WAFF) - The winter storm has wreaked havoc on our roads here in the Tennessee Valley.

Many of you may have been told to work from home instead of risking your safety to come to the office.

However, that is not an option for some.

Multiple agencies are banding together to make sure that every essential worker still gets to work safely during this weather.

While roads are coated in ice, some people still have to drive on them.

First responders across the Shoals are making sure their colleagues get to work safely no matter what the hour.

“I’ve called upon a lot of them to pick people up because that’s what we’re doing just 24 hours a day,” said Franklin County EMA Director Mary Glass.

Road conditions all across the Shoals are icy. In fact, most roads in Colbert and Franklin County are deemed impassable.

But Glass said it’s their priority to make sure the community is safe and first responders keep them safe by getting to work.

Helen Keller Hospital EMS Executive Director, Bruce Carson, said they also pick up employees who cannot make it to work.

Glass said it’s part of it, first responders band together.

“You know these places, they can’t shut down,” said Glass.

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