County roads deemed impassible; What happens if someone ends up in a crash on one of those roads?

Traveling during winter storms

THE SHOALS, Ala. (WAFF) - Emergency Management Directors in Franklin and Colbert Counties deemed roads impassible.

What happens if a driver decides to take one of those roads, and ends up involved in a car crash?

EMA directors said the roads are not drivable. However, that does not mean they are closed, so drive at your own risk. Just know that doesn’t mean your car insurance will cover whatever happens.

WAFF 48 talked to The Agency manager for Shoals Insurance Group, Tim Palmer.

He said many factors come into play and it also depends on your auto insurance provider.

He said some of the things he would ask his client about the crash are, would the situation be deemed an emergency or is the person an essential worker when the accident occurred?

“If it was just, I’m going to the grocery store you can even say that was a case of an emergency because they didn’t have propane gas and they went to the store to get the gas because they ran out of heat so they would consider that to be an emergency, but if they were just riding around just to check and see how bad things were going, it’ll be a little harder for me to plea that case,” said Palmer.

Just like every emergency responder I talked to today, and what you’ve heard from our meteorologists, Palmer says stay home if you can.

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