Homeless shelters and day centers prepare for wintery weather

Homeless shelters and day centers prepare for wintery weather
Homeless shelters and day centers prepare for wintery weather (Source: WAFF)

FLORENCE, Ala. (WAFF) - As temperatures drop near freezing, it’s important to know there are warm and safe places where you can go to get help, right here in the Tennessee Valley.

Tucked Below the hustle and bustle of the busy Florence streets --- you’ll find crossroads community outreach And people like Deitrick Pride.

He finds solitude in simple things like a hot meal, a shower, and watching tv in a warm building.

“How long have you been homeless?

“Going on about 2 years now,” said Pride.

He said freezing days are some of the worst.

“”Its cold. Five, six pair of pants. Five ,six shirts. Five, six pair of socks,” said Pride.

Homeless shelters and day centers like Crossroads Community Outreach are preparing for what’s expected to be a steady increase in people coming to the shelters, starting this weekend.

Employees with The Salvation Army said their shelter is open all day through Wednesday afternoon.

If there ends up being power outages, men and women shelter beds are available for people who need a warm place to stay.

The Salvation Army is the only overnight shelter in Florence open at this moment.

Kimberly Jackson with Crossroads Community Outreach said they’ve already seen a spike in people needing to get out of the cold.

They’re finding ways to safely accommodate everyone looking for a warm place, during the day and helping reaching the ones who have no place to go at night.

“Our goal is to kind of bridge the gap, be out there and give out supplies, making sure they have what they need to survive while they are out on the street,” said Jackson,

As for Pride’s plans to survive these next few wintery days...

“I have a shelter that I am going to be at. They drop us off from around 7:30 in the morning and then from there and then I’ll probably go to some friends house and stay there until about 4:30 and then I go back to the homeless shelter,” said Pride.

The outreach center has a 24 outreach line for people to call if they need items or help.

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