ALDOT employees provide life-saving communication during winter weather

ALDOT Traffic Preps

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - During winter weather like we’re experiencing this week, communication can be life-saving. The Alabama Department of Transportation has a dedicated team that makes it their priority to update you about road conditions.

They work in the traffic management center known as Algo. Their headquarters for North Alabama is located on the campus of UAH. Employees who work in the department send out vital information about traffic accidents, road work, and downed trees.

The employees who work at the traffic management center have access to cameras showing roads in 13 counties. They receive data in real time including the speed drivers are traveling on certain roads. They monitor all of this data and watch for accidents and slow downs. They can send crews out like they did Monday to help with winter weather and accidents.

“If motorist are home and they’re wondering if it’s safe to take to the roads, they can go on Algo traffic and check to see what the road conditions are and the areas surrounding them. In an event like this, you’ve got a lot of stuff coming in both in the way of road conditions, reports that there may be ice on a roadway,” said Alabama Department of Transportation PIO Seth Burkett.

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