Be prepared: Potential icy weather may bring power outages

Keeping your house warm during power outages

LAUDERDALE COUNTY, Ala. (WAFF) - WAFF is keeping an eye on next week’s winter weather threat, which comes with a chance for power outages.

Ice, wind, fallen trees — all of these things could cause power outages.

Lauderdale County EMA Director, George Grabryan, said during these potential icy events you should be prepared to lose power.

“You need to start preparation before it even hits. You need to make sure where you live that you have sufficient groceries that you don’t have to cook and of course a manual can opener is always good. You need to have a plan if you were to lose power or lose heat,” said Grabryan.

It’s basic information, but he said having things like a flashlight and extra batteries and if you are without heat for an extended time layer up or, “If you lose your heat at a location and you don’t have a firm alternate source you probably need to locate to a friend or relative that has heat,” said Grabyran.

But Grabryan also urged, don’t drive if you don’t have to.

“This ice event that they are talking about potentially will make driving extremely dangerous and we’ve seen just within the past the day the wrecks some of the national news has covered in other places. We certainly hope we don’t receive that type of weather here but again if we do you probably need to have a place that you can be, be there in advance, and be there for the duration of this and not get out unless you have to,” said Grabryan.

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