First Baptist Church of Huntsville has UV-C lights installed; returning to in-person worship

First Baptist Church in Huntsville received new UV lights to help fight off COVID-19

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - A Huntsville church is ready to welcome back its members for its first in person service of the year.

First Baptist Church of Huntsville decided to suspend services due to the spike in cases.

Since then, the church installed U-V lights into its airducts.

When the air comes through the system, the lights kill bacteria and germs.

When members return to church this Sunday, masks will still be required, and there will be no singing.

However, church leaders tell us they are grateful to offer one more layer of protection for their congregation.

“It brings a bit of sunshine into the dark corners. We want to get rid of the things that aren’t supposed to be in those dark places, in this case the ventilation system,” Alan Jones, chairman of trustees said.

“I have heard people say how relieved they are, how it puts people at ease. We will, no pun intended, breathe a little easier having those been installed,” pastor Travis Collins said.

The church also received a special discount from the Tennessee Valley Authority on these lights.

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