Morgan County teachers receive first dose of Pfizer vaccine

Educators say this is the first step to getting back to normal at schools.

Teachers in Decatur receive their first vaccine

DECATUR, Ala. (WAFF) - 120 teachers were vaccinated at Decatur-Morgan Hospital’s Parkway Campus Monday.

Hospital President Kelli Powers is hopeful for the future of the community.

“It’s really a good feeling not only for us, but also for the administration to know that this is being done and we have a plan. So I think it should be a very positive thing for the community seeing a little bit of a light going forward,” Powers said.

Teachers from Morgan County, Decatur, Hartselle, and some private schools were bused to the clinic.

Patty Laughlin, a Decatur teacher who received her vaccine Monday, teaches adaptive PE at three different schools. She is around up the 80 students per day with special needs and their own medical conditions.

“It’s very stressful that at any time I could be the carrier. So, this is step one to feel better about being in the classroom with our children.” Laughlin said.

Lisa Sturges, another newly vaccinated teacher, says her students miss the normal activities of being able to play and be together.

“We know that kids do better when they’re in school and we’re ready to have them all back to be able to do the things that we normally do without having to be so worried and take so many precautions,” Sturges said.

Now, these educators are optimistic...

“It most definitely gives us hope for the future and hoping that maybe our spring can be maybe just a tad bit more normal and that maybe by next year things will be on track to being back to a more normal elementary school,” Sturges said.

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