SCAM ALERT: Bail bonding company owner says scammers are using his name to get money

A bail bond scam is making its way through Huntsville

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - Scammers are using a Huntsville bail bonding company’s name to separate people from their money.

Joe Medlen who owns the legitimate Bad Boys Bail Bonding Company said scammers are using his company name, calling people with loved ones in jail, and then telling them they can help for a fee.

“I’ve got phone calls of people who are coming in here and wondering if I had bonded their family member out of jail yet,” Medlen said. “I said I have not because I don’t know them, but then they are asking if Terry or Wade are working. These are some of the names the scammers are using. Then I say I do not have anybody employed by that name.”

These scammers are taking advantage of people wanting to help their loved ones, according to Medlen. Victims like Max Tate who came into the bail bonding place as our crews were interviewing the owner wanting to know when their loved one would be out of jail.

That’s when the owner told Tate he was talking to a scammer and not his company. Tate tells our crews he is now out about $1,800.

“I tell you what my whole world just came apart because we have been busy all day working to get her out at that specified time. He just pulled one over on us,” Tate said. “He is a smooth talker. He talks fast. He tells you what he is going to do. He acts like he is a miracle worker.”

Medlen said he’s heard the same story from about 10 other victims and a few more who didn’t fall for it.

Belinda McCormick with the Better Business Bureau said the red flag is the unconventional way these crooks are asking you to pay while blaming COVID as the reason you can’t pay in person.

“They want you to pay in some electronic form. Whether it be you go to the store and get a Green Dot Money Card or another re-loadable card,” McCormick said. “Where it can’t be traced and that money is gone immediately.”

Medlen said he just wants these people to be held accountable.

“You have to be able to treat people right and we pride ourselves on doing that,” he said. “It is not boding right as far as my name is concerned.”

Medlen said no bail bonding company will ever ask you to pay over the phone, instead you must go there in person.

We also reached out to the Madison County Sheriff’s Office and leaders there confirm they’re investigating.

If you think you’ve fallen victim BBB leaders said call your local law enforcement.

Medlen said if you have heard from people claiming to be his company and you’re actually trying to reach the legitimate company, call him directly at 256-880-5245.

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