North Alabama schools planning to combat learning gap during summer school

Summer school plans in Muscle Shoals

MUSCLE SHOALS, Ala. (WAFF) -”We’re still early in the second semester, but not too early to be thinking about summer plans,” said Muscle Shoals Superintendent, Chad Holden.

Summer courses would normally be offered to those students who fall behind in their courses in Muscle Shoals.

But this year, Superintendent Chad Holden said he expects more students to need help.

“We’re going to have to expand that and make it available not just to those who fail classes, but to those students who feel like things didn’t connect well this year and maybe just need a little remediation,” said Holden.

There’s nationwide concern that students are falling behind because of the unpredictable nature of school during the pandemic.

That’s why Muscle Shoals is working to give students opportunities to catch-up this summer and long after.

“It may not be a full summer program. It may be a two or three week remedial program or something like that. Still very much in the preliminary stages. We’re discussing it, but we know that an intensive summer school program has got to be apart of our academic recovery plan that we’re thinking about right now and really that plan thinks about the next two to three years, not yet the immediate,” said Holden.

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