Monoclonal antibody infusion highly successful for COVID patients so far at Decatur Morgan Hospital

Those with COVID 65 and older, or with underlying medical conditions qualify for the treatment.

How monoclonal antibody treatments are working in the Tennessee Valley

DECATUR, Ala. (WAFF) - Monoclonal antibodies are proteins created in a lab that mimic the body’s immune system’s ability to fight off viruses.

Decatur Morgan Hospital administers this infusion quite often. Bryan Vest with the hospital highly recommends this treatment.

“If we are able to infuse a patient within 72 hours of being diagnosed or symptom onset, we see a reduction of amount of patients that are having to enter the hospital for treatment,” Vest said.

Vest says the treatment also prevents the disease from progressing to more serious stages of illness.

So far, doctors at Decatur Morgan hospital have seen a lot of success with this treatment.

“When you see your physician or go to a clinic, all of those places have orders available and are able to order that and send the orders over to us and we’ll call you with a time to come in and have your infusion,” Vest said

The infusion itself takes around an hour. But...

“There is some prep time before hand and a monitoring time afterwards so you can expect to be here for about 3 hours,” Vest said.

Right now, you do need to be 65 or older or have an underlying health condition to quality for the infusion. You are encouraged to speak with your doctor to find out more information.

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