Morgan County Sheriff’s Office employees go through crisis intervention training

Morgan County Sheriff's Office undergoes Crisis Prevention training

MORGAN CO., Ala. (WAFF) - Deputies and staff with the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office are going through crisis intervention and de-escalation training.

You may be asking, what’s the point of this?

To ensure officers and civilian employees are well prepared and equipped to deal with those struggling with mental health in the community.

Sheriff Ron Puckett believes the state does not provide enough affordable mental health resources.

In turn, mental health crises are something these deputies deal with everyday.

“Our deputies, they’re law enforcement officers, they’re not mental health employees and so trying to deal with those situations on a daily basis becomes problematic,” Puckett said.

The training focuses on teaching employees how to become stronger communicators to better serve citizens.

“Instead of just screaming at them and putting cuffs on them and taking them to jail, hopefully we’re learning through this training how to be more compassionate, how to intelligently deal with people going through a crisis,” Puckett said.

Sheriff Puckett wants to prioritize continued training in 2021.

“How do we as law enforcement change to be better at what we do, to be better proficiently at what we do? I think if we can do whatever those changes are, that’s going to help have a better relationship with our citizens,” Puckett said.

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