Singer Usher visits Selma to mark MLK Day

Singer Usher visits Selma to mark MLK Day
Singer/songwriter Usher visited Selma on Monday to mark MLK Day. (Source: Twitter)

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WSFA) - A famous singer/songwriter made a stop in Alabama Monday to commemorate Martin Luther King Day.

Usher Raymond IV, better known simply as Usher, stopped in Selma to walk across the Edmund Pettus Bridge.

“I decided to celebrate this day by visiting this historical site, where brave men and women protestested for the change we see today,” the artist wrote on social media. “It’s an honor to be walking in your footsteps here in Selma, Alabama.”

The bridge is known around the world for the March 7, 1965 event that became “Bloody Sunday.” That’s when marchers were beaten by police as they attempted to cross the river on their way to Montgomery to demand voting rights.

Under a federal court order, two weeks later, the march drew 25,000 people as they made the 54-mile journey to Alabama’s Capitol where King spoke from its historic steps.

The events of Bloody Sunday helped spur Congress into passing the Civil Rights Act of 1965 later that year.

Were he alive today, King would have marked his 92nd birthday on Friday.

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