Tanner resident arrested for illegal gambling operation

Charges are pending for the owner of the second establishment

Illegal gambling investigation underway in Limestone County

TANNER, Ala. (WAFF) - Limestone County investigators seized 63 gambling machines and more than $11,000 in cash at two locations in Tanner.

Limestone County Sherriff’s Office Public Information Officer Stephen Young said the raid stemmed from several calls from the community about illegal gambling.

This isn’t the first time there have been reports of the illegal activity. Deputies also served notices last year to both places.

“At some point in 2020, we helped serve letters from the DA’s office informing those businesses that their operations were illegal and the way they were doing their gambling at those locations. And there was indication that they did cease those operations at that point. But later in the year and early this year we started to get complaints that they started back up,” Young said.

Deputies arrested 69-year-old Tanner Resident Judy Wilson. She was arrested for promoting gambling.

One of the locations investigators raided was in a very rural area with multiple security cameras surrounding the property.

Young understands the charges in this arrest are controversial.

“Regardless of where somebody stands on the spectrum of what should be aloud/what shouldn’t be. It’s still the law and we have to enforce it so when we get complaints we’re going to look into it,” Young said.

Charges are pending for the suspect and owner of the second establishment.

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