SPLC warns more violence could be looming starting this weekend

SPLC warns of more looming violence after riots at the U.S. Capitol

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - The Southern Poverty Law Center is warning people around the state and the country, next week’s inauguration could be tense.

SPLC Spokesperson Michael Hayden says extremists have hinted different events will begin Saturday and could ramp up from there.

Hayden said Pro-Trump extremists are still in Washington D.C. But, security is much tighter now compared to the capitol riot last week.

“I am not saying it is impossible, nothing is impossible after what we saw on January 6th. I would classify it as highly unlikely, the combination of increase security and the lack of a Trump rally really creates a new dynamic,” said Michael Hayden.

Joe Biden’s inaugural rehearsal that was scheduled for Sunday was postponed until Monday due to safety concerns.

The FBI is sifting through roughly 140,000 digital media tips to try to keep the event safe.

Businesses and streets in downtown Montgomery will be closed to the public on Tuesday and Wednesday, a decision they say is for the well being of the community.

Since the deadly capitol riots, the Southern Poverty Law Center has demanded the Alabama Ethics Commission and Bar Association do an investigation to determine if Attorney General Steve Marshall had a role in organizing the event in DC.

“Calling folks and encouraging them to attend the rally and was a co-sponsor of the rally. The SPLC intends to go after other elected officials in Alabama and other southern states who also encouraged and facilitated the insurrection,” said SPLC President and CEO Margaret Huang.

Marshall, who chairs the nonprofit Rule of Law Defense Fund, has denied knowledge of the calls, and has also called for an internal review.

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