Helen Keller Hospital has waiting list for vaccine

Helen Keller Hospital waitlist for COVID-19 vaccine

SHEFFIELD, Ala. (WAFF) - Vaccines will be made available for those 75 and older starting next week and State and local hotlines for information on the COVID-19 vaccines have been flooded with calls this week.

“I would call for two or three hours at a time hitting the recall button constantly,” said Sherry Box.

Box spent a few days and countless hours on the phone trying to get through to the ADPH hotline to set an appointment for her 85-year-old mother, but she hasn’t had any luck.

“It’s really discouraging when you’re trying to get it for someone but you can’t” said Box.

She now hopes that her mother will be able to receive the vaccine through Helen Keller hospital.

They currently have a sign up sheet to get on a waitlist.

“Right now we have over 1000 people. We’re really excited about that. The energy behind getting our most vulnerable population in lines for vaccines is really great,” said Hospital President Kyle Buchanan.

Buchanan said the hospital will call people to set up appointments once they receive the vaccine.

“So as we drop those waiting lists to those appointments, we should eradicate any opportunity for much waiting,” said Buchanan.

And while folks are still waiting to get through to the ADPH hotline, Dr. Karen Landers said they are working to fix the problems.

“Our hotline hasn’t worked very well. It hasn’t been able to handle demand of persons who have called. Our hotline is a contract system. Not set up by us directly. There were 100 lines initially with 165 people trained. We’ve asked that to be doubled,” said Dr. Landers.

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