UAH officers involved in 2020 traffic stop no longer employed; New UAHPD plan in progress

Three UAH officers no longer with department

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WAFF) - The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH) announced Tuesday three officers involved in an October 2020 incident are no longer employed.

Last fall, a local high school senior, Caleb Crutcher, was pulled over for a routine traffic stop by UAH campus police. Crutcher was pulled over for a cracked, but functioning tail light, according to police.

However, Crutcher says the officer told him to get out of the car and accused him of having drugs and a dead prostitute in the vehicle. WAFF requested body camera footage several times, but it has not been made available to the public.

UAH’s President Darren Dawson later apologized and promised better transparency between the university and the police department moving forward.

Since then, the former chief of police, former police captain, and the officer involved in the October 3rd traffic stop are no longer employed by UAH, according to University officials.

UAH has embarked on a national search for a new chief of police. In the meantime, UA System Director of Security Steven D. Anderson is serving as Interim Police Chief of the UAHPD.

Interim Police Chief Anderson says he conducted a thorough review of UAHPD policies and procedures. As a result, structural, procedural and personnel changes have been implemented.

WAFF is told UAH students, faculty and staff have also been appointed to serve on the newly-created Police Advisory Council.

The Council seeks to share UAH’s community input related to police service and campus safety issues and to make recommendations to the chief of police on issues or concerns involving the UAHPD and more.

Additionally, UAHPD officers received new training in the fall, and the training program is being further expanded in 2021.

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